“How do you find time to write?”

This is the first writing assignment for my summer writing camp:

“Make a writing plan for your summer and for your school year.”

It sounds like the perfect first step. I’m in the mood to get organized, so it fit perfectly with how I want to spend my day.

Now that I’m done teaching,  I plan to get up at the same time I do during the school year so my early morning will look like this:

5am  – 6am – Exercise

6am – 7am – Write

That leaves 45 minutes to shower before I have to wake up the four kids so they can get violins and pianos played before swimming and tennis.

I am also going to take my iPad with me to the pool to read so I should be able to manage emails, twitters, and a little extra writing while the kids play.

They have one last week, so today I spent the morning finding my desk beneath a huge pile of papers. May has been crazy and it feel so good to finally turn over all those rocks, recycle most of them, and take care of the rest. Starting tomorrow, I plan to have my laptop sitting on a clean desk ready to begin my new writing habit.

I am telling my kids what the plan is. I will let them know what they may do when they wake up if I am still writing. My husband will be at the gym or off to work so I’ll enjoy his support, but know he won’t be a distraction. I am also determined to write and post to both blogs – teachingrace and 8busyfeet so I can accountable there as well.

I imagine that most of my writing will be reflections and ideas related to the books and posts I am reading, however, I am open to working on a little fiction too.

What happens after my wonderful summer slowdown? I don’t know yet.  Family is going to be challenging…  My oldest will be starting middle school and my youngest starting kindergarten. We have to make the decision to commit to club soccer teams for three of them or cut some of the sports stuff. Third grade is a challenging year and I want to be able to give the middle child all the attention he needs.  Oh, and did I mention I want to start Grad School? I guess I’ll just take this one step at a time and enjoy all the material this busy life provides.

Wish me luck!

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