It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 18 June 12

Happy Monday! I’ve been reading like mad – Here’s what I have to share from this week…

Teacher Type  Books:

Reading Rescue 1-2-3  By Peggy M. Wilber- My day job is in a Middle School, but the rest of the time I’m mom to four. #3 is a reluctant reader (RR). How we go into that situation, I’m not sure, but were here and one of my big goals for the summer is to help him improve his reading. Reading Rescue has been a big help. The book provides strategies for level 1, 2 and 3 readers. My RR is at the level 3,  so we were able to gloss over two-thirds of the book. Even so there are LOTS of great ideas and a blueprint for what we do everyday. The cartoon stories jive with his sense of humor so both mom and RR are happy customers. I’d recommend this book to anyone who want’s to help their child become a better reader and needs a blueprint to do it.

The Passion Driven Classroom By Angela Maiers and Amy Sandvold – This one will get you excited to for the fall. I am so not there yet, but as I read I found myself writing down all kids of ideas that I will be using when it’s time to get back to class. The authors set-up a plan for using Learning Clubs in the classroom. They advocate a style of teaching that I love; emphasizing group work, book reflection, independent leaning, and creativity. The resources and quotes are great, but I especially appreciated the framework for keeping what my looks like a crazy classroom running smoothly.

Books for my classroom:

I will be teaching US History and Geography this year using novels. I’d like to give the students a choice in what they are reading, so I am stocking up on choices for each unit. This week I got started on the Revolutionary War…

Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen – The war is starting in the east, but Samuel and his family who live on the edge of the wilderness are directly affected. Each chapter has a “teaching moment” where Paulsen provides an explanation for what historically is going on. It’s a page turner that includes some really interesting characters and a meaningful adventure.

Johnny Tremain  by Esther Forbes – This is a bit longer, but I likes that there was time to really develop the main character and see him through the personal challenges that he faced. The book is set in Boston before the war starts. Johnny finds himself interacting with historical figures like Paul Revere and Sam Adams. It’s a coming of age story with a generous dose of history thrown in.

I just started Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson and looking for more – so if you ideas please send them my way!


2 responses

  1. I have two kiddos and cannot imagine having four!!! It’s already crazy enough with two. 🙂

    I really liked Chains…but I can’t think of too many other Revolutionary War books. Copper Sun comes to mind but I don’t know if that’s the right time period at all. And Octavian Nothing comes to mind, too, but I have no idea if that’s the right time period either – and I cannot recommend that book to anyone. Copper Sun is amazing though.

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