What makes integrating technology worth it?

We are  two years into the 1:1 iPad program. At the start, and even more so today, I believe these are seven things that makes the integration of technology worth the effort:

Enable independence
This has been the biggest “teacher transition” for me. They don’t need me to lecture to them what I know. They have the tool(s) needed to find it out and “know it” for themselves. Instead of a sage I have become a “learning coach.”

Improve communication
Through email, blogs, social media etc. they can create conversations that go well beyond our four walls.

Problem solve
There are plenty of apps and tools that help them problem solve  and the intuitive nature of today’s technology encourages them to “push all the buttons” until they figured out how to get what they want.

The real excitement begins when you have four other students gathered around a desk saying “show me how you did that.” Followed by, “I wonder if we can get it to do…”

Provide storage
We are still looking for the perfect tool, but even with plain old email we can create a place to hold things. This becomes their portfolio of work and can be used to illustrate growth in a skill or subject area.  This is a tool used by lots of teachers, but when the product is digital; It’s not limited to paper, It’s not clutter that I we have to keep in storage, and we can each keep a copy. My need to be organized is fulfilled!

Assist with time management
Their calendar, planner, timer etc. are all on the iPad. It looks a lot like “real life” as we all put due dates on the calendar, set goals, and share events.

Inspires creativity
Students are constantly creating presentations, composing music, viewing art, reviewing literature, conducting research, editing for publication. They become photographers,
movie-makers, and authors instantly.

Makes learning fun
When they don’t know they are learning, when middle school students think they are “playing,” when they get excited to try something new – than learning and teaching are a whole lot of fun!

What am I missing? What makes technology worth integrating in your classroom? Leave a comment – I’d love to hear from you!


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